Menai Bridge English Presbyterian Church

The Robert Davies Memorial Window

The English Presbyterian Church is of historical significance in Menai   Bridge because of its association with the Davies family who contributed greatly to the development of the town. There are a number of memorials to them, the most important probably being the chancel window.

The chancel window in Menai Bridge English Presbyterian Church is a memorial  to the philanthropist Robert Davies who was the principal  benefactor  in the building of the church. The window was commissioned  in 1906 by Robert's  nephews and nieces and comes from the workshops of  James Powell and Sons (Whitefriars Glass)

The four  frames  or lights epict two events in the life of Christ and two  in the life of St Paul. Together with their  eight inscriptions, four in Welsh alternating with four in English, they plead the universality of the Christian message  and the charity that is implicit in it. The message  of  the  window  is summed  up  in the  quotation from Matthew 25:40 which runs along  the  bottom of the window, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto on of the  least of  these  my brethren, ye have  done  it unto  me."

A plaque to the memory of this outstanding philanthropist is adjacent on the wall of the chancel.


The south transept contains a number of memorials to members of the Davies family.

A memorial to the members of the congregation who fell in the two world wars faces the entrance to the church. A leaflet and a booklet are available

(Actually I'm never quite sure how to refer to the transepts. Although this is the 'liturgical south' transept it is actually north-west.)

Now read the Book!


The Robert Davies Memorial Window described,  together with four essays or sermons exploring the meaning of the window. A short biography of Robert Davies.

Available on issuu. com as an ebook, on Amazon as a Kindle book or as a printed book on the church booktable

A leaflet is also available.